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Discover how a new auction-hybrid way to sell homes that will transform your business overnight. Agents who use this program list/sell 400%+ more homes than their average competitor (MLS stats, 2019-2020). It’s a refreshing alternative to the grind of traditional real estate.

  • Attract quality listings with no prospecting or cold calling.
  • Experience the joy of sellers reaching out to list with you.
  • Distinguish yourself from every other agent in your market.
  • Propel your earnings quickly and have a good time doing it.
  • This is trademark protected so competitors can’t copy you.

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Recently a test group of real estate agents introduced an entirely new approach to the home selling process into their markets.

They literally made real estate history by becoming their area’s top producing agents, outselling their competitors by an average of 400% in February 2020. This has continued in March in the face of Covid-19

Every one of them multiplied their sales by 3x/6x within 90 days (verified MLS stats).

One of them, David Harvey, listed and sold over 100 homes his first year in the business. A 30 year veteran, David Rucker, increased his sales over 4x, finishing February 2020 with 15 sales for the month.

These agents succeeded spectacularly with no cold calling, no prospecting, and no chasing expireds or FSBOs.

 In this webinar, you will learn how you can have a license to offer this program in your market.

This program is so innovative it has been featured on ABC, CBS & NBC television shows, and in Forbes.

Attend this 29 minute webinar and you will never again sell real estate the traditional way.

What Recent 72SOLD Agents Are Saying

Agent Success Stories

2019 Stats for Six of our Agents

(This is all extra business the program generated for them.)

David Harvey

Sales/Active Listings

Teresa Herriot 

Sales/Active Listings

Sean O’Carroll

Sales/Active Listings

David Rucker 

Sales/Active Listings

David Newman 

Sales/Active Listings

DeAndre Harvey

Sales/Active Listings

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